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In 2016, Captain Obvious needed a fresh and relevant way to talk to consumers, so he ran for President. And because he'd be staying in hotels across the country while running, supported him.

To launch the campaign, we created a series of 51 online videos, one for each state plus Washington, DC. People could click through an interactive map to watch the videos, see where he stayed and book on


The microsite also provided people with campaign assets like bumper stickers, t-shirts, gym bags and towels. There was an interactive “kissing babies” feature with 20+ reaction videos of Captain Obvious virtually kissing babies. 

In addition to broadcast/OLV, 51 state videos and interactive microsite, Captain Obvious live tweeted during the Presidential Debate which generated 1.9MM impressions. He participated in a fun run in L.A. and stopped by the DNC for media appearances. 

The Running For President campaign is viewed as the most effective campaign in history. It generated over 430MM media impressions, 900% increase in social mentions and hundreds pledged for Captain Obvious on election ballots. 



Account Manager

+Managed creative development process through production for 51 state videos, interactive microsite, social, experiential and PR events.

*Won Best in Show at Creative Media Awards

*Shortlisted in One Show for Interactive Video and Integrated Branding 

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